Forget lugging heavy bags of dry wall adhesive or messy mixing…Dow’s INSTA-STIK MP takes the hassle out of a wide range of adhesive work.

Fast curing (in three to five minutes) and with low expansion capabilities, it’s suitable for fixing most substrates including plasterboard, insulation board and many other common building materials.

It doesn’t need mixing so preparation time can be eliminated and you can even work without water or electricity.

Once it’s been applied you can start plastering after just an hour and any unused INSTA-STIK MP can be put away and saved for another job.

It’s cost-effective too, with one 750ml can covering the same area as a 25kg bag of dry wall adhesive.

Speaking about Dow’s INSTA-STIK MP, Marketing Manager, Marc Olding, says: “We all need products that we can rely on to get the job done and INSTA-STIK MP does exactly that.

“Easy to use, easy to apply and even easier to transport, it’s the perfect for solution for anyone looking to get things fixed. It’s an essential part of our hard-working Dow range.”