Venture Lighting Europe has released its latest brochure for its high performance Professional VLED Retrofit lamps, which can be downloaded from the company’s new website

The high-efficiency, A+ rated Professional VLED Retrofit High Bay and Universal lamps are available in a variety of sizes and outputs ranging from 20W to 150W and have a long life of 50,000 hours. Venture Lighting Europe has devised the new brochure to give full technical details of each product in the range, including the number of lumens produced per watt, colour temperatures and more.

The new brochure promotes the product as a direct, long-life retrofit solution for traditional lamps, including metal halide and high pressure sodium, with a comparison table to help customers choose the right replacement. Customers will also benefit from up to 80% direct energy savings and a five year warranty on the lamps.

The new brochure is now available to be downloaded from Venture Lighting Europe’s website at or further information is available from the company on 01923 692600 or by emailing [email protected]