Filling voids and seals to improve energy efficiency has never been easier thanks to Geocel’s Airblock. This product offers unbeatable flexibility and easy application to create a safe and effective air-tight barrier.

Geocel Airblock can be used to seal around windows, doors, pipes, electrical cables, loft hatches, light fixtures and even suspended floors. It will prevent air leakage and improve energy efficiency, so helping tradespeople minimise chances of distortion around frames and joints.

And application couldn’t be easier, even in hard-to-reach places, thanks to Geocel’s one metre-long applicator guns.

Once in place, Geocel Airblock’s high-performance, polyurethane structure means it stays flexible enough to absorb future movement. Strong but versatile, it can then be cut, sawn, sanded, painted or even plastered over. 

It is the only product tested to this standard – in accordance with EN 122114 – Air Permeability of Building Components and Building Elements. It is also Acoustic Rated to EN ISO717-1 (tested to 60DB), Fire Rated to DIN4102-1 and Driving Rain tested to EN1027, making it one of the safest solutions around too.

Speaking about the product, Geocel’s Technical Manager, Stuart Oakey, says: “Geocel Airblock Flexible Foam is one of the toughest and most useful products on the market. Offering unbeatable performance even in the trickiest areas and it makes it easy to comply with building regulations in a range of key applications.”