NEW Lightify Pro from Osram offers app controlled lighting for offices, retail units and restaurants

Commercial premises can now control lighting within offices, retail units and restaurants via one simply app through Osram’s new ‘Lightify Pro’. The Lightify Pro system can be easily set-up and controlled by a smartphone or tablet computer and is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. It can also be controlled via switches. Installation is simple, quick and saves costs thanks to wireless transmission protocols.

The system is being launched on the market with an extensive range of components including special Siteco luminaires, a diversity of existing installations and luminaires that can be integrated thanks to an interface to the DALI standard.

Flexible light control that can be changed according to time and occupancy is a must have for offices and public buildings. It offers maximum energy efficiency and subsequent savings in electricity overheads. In retail environments, being able to use lighting to accentuate products displays and windows designs is highly important. In the past, conventional, cabled light management systems have often meant extensive building work and high installation costs. With Lightify Pro, building work is massively reduced due to its complete control of lighting and wireless sensor technology.

“Lightify already represents intelligent and simply customisable lighting with outstanding quality of light for private users – and now this is available for lighting professionals,” explained Timon Rupp, Lightify Manager at Osram.

The Lightify Pro system uses the wireless WLAN and ZigBee radio technologies, making it suitable for modern renovation projects, particularly in heritage-protected buildings, as well as difficult-to-access areas.

Connection between the mobile device and components (e.g. Lightify lamps, luminaires, push-buttons and switches) is established via a specific gateway that converts WLAN signals to the ZigBee Lightlink protocol, with control of up to 100 so-called ZigBee nodes.

The Lightify Pro app features an intuitive user interface enabling simple installation, configuration and control of the light points. Pre-set function profiles for single and open-plan offices, stairways, corridors and meeting rooms provide initial orientation, and these profiles can be individually modified if room layouts change. In addition to being operated by the app, various light modes can also be wirelessly controlled via connected push-buttons or switches.

The Osram subsidiary Siteco is offering six luminaire models with Lightify functionality: The Vega and Arktika-P LED suspended luminaires, the Futurel 5MS LED floor standing luminaire, the Siteco Louvre Luminaire M and Compact Recessed LED recessed luminaires and the Mira. In addition, standard components for upgrades are available that can be connected upstream to existing DALI-capable luminaires.

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LIGHTIFY Pro video