Robust and Reliable

OKI printers are durable and resilient to cope with tough construction site environments, but they also offer flexibility and creativity into the bargain

When it comes to construction sites, printers need to be compact, robust, reliable and hard-wearing to cope with what are often harsh working conditions. They need to be flexible and be capable of supporting print-on-demand in order to be effective in what is typically a fast-moving world. A small footprint is beneficial in an often cluttered environment, where space is at a premium, but they also need to deliver high-quality printed site plans, construction drawings and diagrams as and when required – and that means having an A3 capability in place.

That’s where a high-quality professional A3 colour device like the OKI C931 colour printer comes in. The ability to use the C931 to deliver high-quality documents on demand during construction projects enables organisations to adapt their approach to meet changing circumstances.    

It is this combination of resilience and creativity that is so critical in this environment. Historically, across the industry, plans were generally output on AO sized paper, typically using large, unwieldy and extremely expensive plotter devices. Today, however, construction companies can achieve significantly enhanced levels of flexibility by using much more compact devices like the C931 onsite. Being able to email across a drawing that can be printed off there and then helps to support faster decision-making.

Many construction businesses will also have a need for multifunction devices, especially in the site office, where space is at a premium and the need for speed paramount. OKI’s new MC853 smart MFP brings a wide range of functions such as printing, copying, scanning and faxing together into a single compact and robust machine – a true four in one capability which adds a significant level of flexibility to the construction operation on-site.   Not only can these high-quality devices fit comfortably in the corner of an office, but their breadth of capability also helps to cut down the paper mountain.

Critically too, media flexibility and document handling is made easier. The MC853 can accommodate a wide range of paper weights and sizes for added flexibility and intuitive document management technology is built into the device.

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