Purdy offers sleeves that give increased productivity and a smooth finish on any job. The woven covers allow for more paint pick-up and help reduce dripping and spatter – delivering an expert finish every time.

Ideal for big and small jobs, the Purdy Colossus and Purdy White Dove are two sleeves that professional tradespeople should have in their toolbag.

For those short on time, the Colossus delivers a speedy finish, allowing professionals to lay off the paint quickly. The sleeve offers greater pick up and release than other roller sleeves, which means less reloading and improved productivity.

The Colossus, ideal for ceilings and other larger jobs, is lightweight, durable and has tapered ends to avoid unsightly tram lines.

Available in 1 1/2″ and 1 3/4″ cores, the sleeve is suited for use with 9″ – 18″ frames, such as Purdy’s Adjustable Frame 12″ – 18″, or Revolution 9” Frame

For smaller domestic jobs, Purdy’s White Dove leaves users with a perfectly smooth, lint free finish.

Its quality nylon woven cover, leaves walls smooth and uniform, and reduces dripping and spatter when loading paint.

Again, suitable for use with 9″ – 18″ frames, the White Dove is available in 1 1/2″ and 1 3/4″ polypropylene cores.

In terms of texture and finish, Marc Olding, Marketing Manager, provides a quick easy-to-follow guide to choosing the right  piles sizes and Purdy roller sleeve.

Pile Size Texture Surface where naps can used Suggested Purdy Roller Sleeve
3/8″ Smooth Newly plastered interior walls where a precise finish is required White Dove
1/2″ Semi Smooth Older interior walls, where minor repairs may be needed but a smooth finish is required White Dove or Colossus
3/4″ Semi Rough Interior walls covered with wallpaper Colossus
1″ Rough Exterior walls & Artex Colossus