Grade II Listed Peterborough Property

Set within four and half acres of land stands an elegant Grade II Listed property in Peterborough.

Originally built for W Lawrence Clark of the Peace for the Liberty of Peterborough during the mid-18th century, it later became the childhood home for novelist L.P. Hartley during the 1900’s, who penned the novel ‘The Go-Between’.

The property also hosted many important meetings including the League of Nations annual meeting in 1937 – better known today as the United Nations.

Over time the property fell into disrepair and neglect, after years of being unoccupied.  A family approached the Hartley’s with an offer to buy the property to restore it as their family home.

The traditional brick building is spread over many levels, has high ceilings and a number of different sized original single glazed windows throughout the house, which rendered it thermally inefficient, cold and draughty.

A technical advisor from Selectaglaze visited to make an initial assessment of all the windows that needed to be treated. It was not going to be an easy task, due to the number of different sizes and the composition of the original windows.  The owners were also keen to try and colour match the secondary frames to make them as unobtrusive as possible.

A total of 40 windows have been treated thus far using a selection of window styles in three different colours. A number of windows with working shutters were treated with Selectaglaze’s ultra slim Series 47 hinged system which was able to sit tight behind the shutters allowing continued operation.

The result is saving the family money, as Selectaglaze’s secondary glazing markedly reduces heat loss and high performance seals almost eliminate draughts leading to lower heating bills.

Selectaglaze are the leading specialists in secondary glazing, established in 1966 and Royal Warrant holders since 2004. They boast a wealth of knowledge and a range of extensive products to suit all projects from listed properties, to new builds.

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