Origin, the British manufacturer of bi-folding doors, windows and blinds, has updated its popular window system. The Origin Window will be launched on 1st October 2015, and is the first of its kind to feature a twin flush casement, resulting in a clean appearance on both the inside and out. The new model is also fitted with a revolutionary new thermal break.

The twin flush casement is completely unique; void of the bulky overlapping framework that is synonymous with aluminium rebated systems. All that remains is a sleek shadow line where the sash sits inside the frame. The clean finish of the Origin Window is ideal for installation in traditional townhouses, new builds and projects under strict planning regulations in conservation areas. The strength of the aluminium frames allows for incomparably slim sightlines and, with the edge of the frame as little as 50mm from the glass, it means less window and more light can be achieved.

The new thermal break gives the Origin Window superior thermal efficiency, making it capable of achieving an energy rating of A +21.  Available as an optional upgrade, the Origin Window can be insulated with Aerogel, a ground-breaking material that boosts the window’s thermal efficiency to achieve a certified 1.0 U value.

Aerogel is lightweight with an extremely low thermal conductivity, making it one of the most insulating materials available. It has been utilised across an array of industries, from NASA spacesuits to construction and appliance insulation.  Its composition means that a single 10mm thickness of Aerogel increases the insulation factor by up to 67%, so homeowners can benefit from reduced energy bills.

The Origin Window is the first ever window system to feature this technology, and have complete exclusivity of its usage in the fenestration industry. As a result, the system has the highest thermal efficiency of any aluminium window on the market.

Neil Ginger, CEO at Origin, said: “We’re the first manufacturer on the market to offer an internally and externally flush casement as well as the introduction of Aerogel. Origin prides itself on innovative design and up-to-the-minute manufacturing processes. The new Window demonstrates our focus on continuing to improve our systems for both our trade and consumer customers.”

Other features include the highest grade stainless steel hinges, capable of carrying heavy loads above the standardised 50,000 cycle test required for residential windows. Hinge guards are installed as standard on all Origin Windows, serving the purpose of both protecting the hinges as well as blocking intruders from jemmying the window open along the hinged side. Other features such as impenetrable crimped frames and locking handles make the Origin Window one of the most secure systems on the market.

The Origin Window is available on an industry first one week lead time in ten popular colours and a four week lead time in a wide range of colours from bright primary shades to deeper earthy tones and dual colours.  The window handles are available in brushed graphite, chrome, satin or gold, and in Origin’s industry first colour match option, whereby the handle is uniquely powder coated to match the colour of the window.

For further information on the Origin Window, please visit www.origin-global.com