Your guide to ‘Using The Tube’…

F. Ball and Co. Ltd., the UK’s leading manufacturer of flooring adhesives and flooring preparation solutions, were again showcasing their extensive  range of high-specification flooring products at the 2015  Flooring Show, Harrogate which this year included their    ALL-NEW STYCCO FLEX – Rapid Curing Flexible Adhesive.

Delivering professional results every time, Stycco Flex is the perfect solution when you need to safely secure Stair nosings, Carpet gripper, PVC cladding, Skirting Boards, Architrave and Trims.  It is already proving to be an essential product for the ‘serious’ flooring professional.

Stycco Flex is part of F. Ball’s newly launched  ‘Tube Products’ range, which includes Stycco Grip – a gap filling mastic adhesive; Stycco Seal – silicone sealant, and Stycco Bond PU – a rapid set polyurethane adhesive. Each of the updated ‘Tube’ range products are available in easily recognisable pack designs!

So if you missed the Harrogate Flooring Show… and have any flooring related questions… why not visit their website

While there you can see videos of dozens of F. Ball products in action, being demonstrated by some of the flooring industry’s top installation experts.

New Stycco Flex is so good, with its high initial grab and rapid strength gain, it will generally mean that no mechanical fixings are required to suitably sound substrates. So when working on a typical stair nosing installation, using Stycco Flex means you will complete the job much faster without compromising the quality and reliability of the finished job. Stycco Flex even delivers outstanding results when affixing metal stair nosings to metal substrates! Simply visit to access their Stycco Flex Product Data information or watch the video and see for yourself.

If you’ve already embraced F Ball’s Professional range of flooring products, then you’ll appreciate the working advantage to be gained from using New Stycco Flex every day. Because when F. Ball launch a new product you just know… even before you’ve tried it, that it’s going to be good… very good!

Yet another incentive to ‘Use the Tube’ and give Stycco Flex a try…

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