Bosch Professional Lawn and Garden make Saltex debut with full range of heavy duty, battery-powered products (stand K095, hall 7)

All products in the extended range offer a low vibration, low noise, low maintenance cost alternative to petrol
New tools for 2016 include the cutting-edge Bosch hedgecutter range, leaf blowers, an all-weather 36v 9.0Ah battery and a mobile power unit.

Bosch Professional Lawn and Garden will make their debut at the Saltex trade exhibition this year (4th – 5th November) with their full range of cordless garden tools. Included in the line-up and exclusive to Saltex, will be the new products coming March 2016. The full expanded range will now include a mobile power unit, hedgecutters and leaf blowers as well as lawnmowers, brush-cutters and a longer-life 36v 9.0Ah weatherproof battery.

All products in the Bosch Professional range share the same concept – powered by Lithium-ion batteries they perform as petrol equivalents but with low noise, low vibrations and savings on running costs. They are also more convenient to use and maintain than petrol models and easy to start up.

“We’re delighted to announce our debut at the highly anticipated Saltex Exhibition this year,” said Joao Barufi, who leads the Bosch Garden Tools division in the UK. “We’ve now applied our award-winning battery technology across a wide variety of cutting-edge professional tools to complete the range. The convenience and low-vibration of our quiet cordless products, coupled with top-end petrol performance is sure to impress.”

The Bosch Professional stand will be located in hall 7, stand number K095. The eye-catching display features a water fountain which will run continuously during the exhibition, showering the batteries and chargers, reinforcing the weatherproof nature of the products.

The entire range benefits from low noise emissions making the tools ideal for a variety of professional users from councils to landscape gardeners. Not only do they provide peace and quiet when used in public spaces, but also higher user comfort; extending the hours in which professionals can work.

A serious issue for regular users of powered garden equipment is known as White Finger or HAVS (Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome) and is virtually eliminated by the low vibration electric tools. The new models are also quiet enough for operators to talk easily above the noise – quieter than some domestic vacuum cleaners.

“We’ve been using the Bosch Professional GFR 42 & GRA 48 for several weeks now and they are performing as well as the petrol equivalent only with less vibration and noise. We maintain two hundred acres of cemetery grounds – it’s a year-round, time-intensive job. These battery products perform in all conditions and get the job done with less fatigue to the operators.” said David Kemp of The City of London Cemetery & Crematorium.

The batteries are weather-resistant and compatible with all products in the range – mowers, hedgecutters, leaf blowers and brushcutters. They feature a fast 42-minute recharge time for the 6.0Ah batteries, and a 64-minute recharge time for the 9.0Ah.
A key addition to the new range is the GEN 230V-1500 Professional Mobile Power unit which provides off-grid power for all-day working. The unit has twin AC sockets and allows for simultaneous charging of 2 batteries, or direct running of 2 electrical appliances. An LCD display presents real-time status information and enables the user to manage remaining “tank” capacity.

During the exhibition, as well as live demonstrations and expert advice, there will be a game to play with the Pro Leaf Blower and a giveaway to all participants, with prizes dependent on the time achieved. For those who can’t make it along to Saltex, you can request product trials at: [email protected] .