FOAMGLAS proves its worth at the Globe theatre

Nearly 20 years after it finally opened, FOAMGLAS slabs have demonstrated their exceptional compressive strength at the reconstructed Globe Theatre. Built in the Tudor style and with a thatched roof, it is set around an open-air stage in an inner courtyard. The area under the stage houses exhibition and display rooms so the floor had to utilise high performance thermal insulation. FOAMGLAS® S3 100 mm thick insulation was chosen for its long life, sustainability and, in particular, its compressive strength. The load from the structure is transferred via the insulation without settlement or creep of the floor slab.

The concrete slab has a fall of 1.5%, the FOAMGLAS® S3 slabs being laid into 95/25 bitumen with staggered joints also filled with bitumen. A single-ply waterproofing membrane was unrolled into the bitumen and a PE separation / slip layer installed with courses of filler blocks. Finally, a cement screed, separation sheet and asphalt screed were laid prior to vitrified bricks.

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