Make Sure Your Face Masks have Built-in Face-fit Checking @JSPLtd

Just like voters in the forthcoming General Election, you have a choice. As a health and safety decision-maker, you can choose to specify the tried and tested JSP® Force™8 half mask fitted with PressToCheck™ P3 Filters –  which enables wearers to check their face-fit –  or you can choose a mask without this option.

Winner of the 2014 BSIF Product Innovation of the Year Award, PressToCheck™ is the UK’s leading respiratory protection solution with integral face-fit checking.  The system (patents pending) enables workers to ensure they are protected against fine construction dust including silica.

Choosing a mask without this feature such as a disposable paper mask, you run the risk of inward leakage around the mask.  Inhaling inwardly-leaked hazardous air could endanger wearers’ long term health.
JSP’s PressToCheck™ filters are more than 99.95% efficient, keeping out almost all airborne particulate hazards in the workplace. The system allows the face mask to be correctly fitted and checked at every donning, and throughout the day, to ensure an optimum face-fit is achieved.

The General Respiratory Election is a no-brainer for health and safety professionals.

Choose JSP® Force™8 half masks with PressToCheck™ P3 Filters with their built-in face-fit checking solution for complete confidence in a safer future. You know it makes sense.

Other Information about PressToCheck™

PressToCheck™ filters are completely compatible with other face-protection equipment. The low-profile, swept-back registered design enables excellent visibility, allowing the filters to be worn effectively behind all types of faceshield and welding visor.

The reusable, highly efficient filters are also highly cost-effective, providing optimal protection at a lower cost than disposable dust masks.

The Force™8 Half-Mask comes in three sizes, ensuring a perfect fit and maximum protection for any gender and shape of face, in any region.

More information is available from, by emailing [email protected] or calling +44 (0)1993 826050.

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