Kärcher Repeats Pressure Washer Cashback Offer @Karcher_Pro_UK

It’s back and it’s better – but you’ll need to act fast!

Available until September 30th the world’s leading cleaning technology provider Kärcher, is providing up to £500 cashback on Professional pressure washers.

That’s all Kärcher Professional HOT and COLD pressure washers – from entry-level HD machines right up to our mobile HDS Trailer – inclusive of stationary and upright models*.  What’s more, every validated cashback claim will automatically upgrade to an extended 3 year warranty.**

Cashback amounts range from £25 – £500 depending on the machine class and purchases must be made before 30th September 2017.   With a wide range of power and size options there’s guaranteed to be a Kärcher machine to suit your specific requirements and budget.

Cashback also makes it the ideal time to upgrade to Kärcher’s revolutionary “EASY!Force” trigger gun.  Available on both hot and cold machines the gun has been completely redesigned to allow the recoil of the water jet to press the trigger into the hand, providing effortless, zero-force use – great for avoiding muscle cramps during prolonged use.

Kärcher pressure washers offer impressive advantages in terms of economy, cleaning performance and environmental impact.  Cold water machines provide high impact cleaning with a high flow rate to flush away dirt and rinse quickly.  Easy to transport between jobs, they take up little storage space and are quick to set up.  Add in the power of hot water with a Kärcher HDS pressure washer and the advantages increase dramatically, particularly when tackling stubborn dirt, oils, greases and proteins.  Although a hot water machine may be a larger upfront investment than a cold water model, long-term they often turn out to be a cheaper solution owing to their increased cleaning efficiency and lifetime reduced labour and detergent costs.

Save time, reduce effort and get cash back, with all the reassurance of the extended guarantee and expertise of the world’s leading pressure washer manufacturer.

To find out more about our impressive range of pressure washers, accessories and detergents, for full details of the cashback offer, or to arrange a free site survey, please speak to your local Kärcher Center or distributor, visit www.karcher.co.uk/cashback or call 01295 752142.


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