Uplifting old floor screed and tiles

The Preparation Group’s contracting division PPC, has prepared, removed and finished millions of square metres of surfaces, carrying out projects where the finished system has failed or for refurbishments across floors, roads, steel platforms and car parks.

The Preparation Group was recently appointed to uplift the floor of an old gym as part of a total refurbishment project. Half of the 1200m2 floor area comprised of a 3mm latex screed and the remainder, 10mm ceramic tiles.

A gas powered 600 ride-on Multi-Stripper was employed with a pick attached to the front of the machine to break up and lift the tiles. The pick was then swapped for a flat blade to remove both the latex screed and residual deposits of ceramic tile adhesive. One of the heaviest and most powerful machines available on the market, the 600 is designed for heavy duty applications with high production capabilities. Its strong downforce and forward drive motion effectively removes a wide range of materials including carpet, wood, vinyl and resins, up to 10 times faster than manually operated models. It is also designed for access through a standard doorway.

A MSS150 multi-surface stripping tool was used to complete the edges, which is trolley mounted with a wide angle of operation and features anti-vibration for operator comfort.

The whole area was cleared with the removed material lifted into skips for disposal.

The final stage was to grind the surface using the Terrco® 3100SP self-propelled Grinding and Polishing machine, leaving it flat and smooth ready for the application of a new sports floor and latex and vinyl for the adjoining rooms.

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