Believing flooring was lacking some punch, EXKLUSiV Floors are excited to introduce the ultimate in superhero super-merchandise: authentic classic Marvel prints on high-gloss flooring.

Super-fans and newcomers alike can now have flooring worthy of Asgard, and make their home come to life with their favourite Marvel comics. It’s the perfect way to take a room to the next level – whether it’s where you store your comics, your gaming or entertainment room, or even a feature in the kids’ bedroom.

From beige to boom
EXKLUSiV Floors was set up with a single vision: to turn flooring into a focal point. With that alternative in mind, EXKLUSiV partnered with Marvel Comics, a company that knows a thing or two about grabbing people’s imaginations. The two have worked closely together to create designs that will revolutionise the way people see flooring.

A page from the classics
Designs originate from the early days of Marvel – long before the Marvel Comics Universe hit the big screen and became a phenomenon – and feature a number of the most famous characters. With 40 unique panels, each floor really feels one of a kind. There are authentic panels alongside the covers – collectors may well spot an iconic issue or two as they walk through their home.

German technology ensures top quality
A hard-wearing flooring product made with the latest manufacturing technology was a must for EXKLUSiV, so it sought to benefit from Germany’s long heritage in manufacturing quality. Working closely with a forward-thinking manufacturer, the company developed its product with unique technologies built in. The EXKLUSiV Marvel flooring is not just scratch and fade resistant, but it’s also high gloss – the designs are sure to pop off the floor.

Easy to install – no super-strength required
Changing the appearance of your room has never been easier; EXKLUSiV’s Marvel flooring uses an easy-to-install click-fit system. Attention and care was paid to the edges of the flooring; there’s even rounded edges, giving an authentic comic book finish.

Stand on the shoulders of your heroes
Says Shiraz Hussain, founder of EXKLUSiV Floors: “After years of experience in the flooring industry, we noticed that floors were all just a bit… plain. Whether it was plain wood, carpet or laminate, it all lacked character and design. We saw this as a missed opportunity. After all, the floor is the biggest space in your home other than walls, so why not make more of it?”

“It’s our mission to end low-quality boring flooring and bring about a new high-tech approach and design precedent. With our flooring, you can quite literally stand on the shoulders of your heroes.”

Where to purchase
Available now. Discover more at exklusivflooring.com