Being the only manufacturer of all three types of saw, hacksaws, bandsaws and circular saws, the German company KASTO offers the widest possible variety of options to its customers for small to large batch production. The UK subsidiary in Milton Keynes, KASTO Ltd, headed by managing director, Ernst Wagner, supplies all products into the British and Irish markets.

They range from small pull-down saws for the job shop to high-performance manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic horizontal and vertical bandsaws for processing large beams, blocks and plates. A high degree of automation is possible, both on the input side of the saw, via automated stores, roller conveyors and buffer stations, and on the output side, with systems for cut piece and remnant handling, post processing (deburring, facing, centring, cleaning, marking) and sorting.

Double mitre cutting bandsaw

Ideal for use in the construction industry is the KASTOmiwin twin-column bandsaw for cutting metal stock to length and mitring between -45 and +60 degrees to a high degree of precision. The rigid, powerful saw is available in semi-automatic and automatic versions, U 4.6 and A 4.6 respectively. The latter model has a rack-and-pinion drive to feed material by up to three metres in a single stroke. Blade downfeed is electrically actuated via a ballscrew drive.

Clamping range of the bandsaw is up to 460 mm, depending on material profile. The smallest size that can be cut is 10 x 10 mm. For single straight cuts, the KASTOmiwin semi-automatic machine leaves a rest piece of 30 mm, increasing to 200 mm for the automatic model. The user can adjust the band speed steplessly between 12 and 150 m/min. Installation length required by the KASTOmiwin is 3,950 mm or 5,450 mm for the version with material infeed. Positioning the saw head at an angle reduces the width to 2,980 mm, ideal for transportation in a container.

Expanded range of pivot-bow bandsaws

There are now three bandsaws in the KASTOmicut range of pivot-bow, metalcutting bandsaws, offering construction companies and firms in their supply chains more choice when preparing material.

In addition to the original 2.6 model for cutting 260 mm diameter round and 310 x 260 mm flat stock, the larger KASTOmicut E 4.6 has the capacity to cut 335 mm diameter round and 460 x 335 mm flat material. It is designed for single-sided mitring at continuously adjustable angles from 0 to +60 degrees. Downfeed is hydraulically controlled and cutting speed can be continuously adjusted between 20 and 110 m/min.

Users of the KASTOmicut U 4.6 version can saw flat material up to 520 mm wide and cut mitres from -45 to +60 degrees. Band speed range is even wider at from 12 to 150 m/min for processing an extensive range of different materials cost-effectively.

A heavy, torsionally rigid, welded saw frame provides stable support for the blade and allows high band tension, ensuring a good quality cut even with hard-to-machine materials. Various accessories are available including a rotary table to support the material.

For companies that mainly saw smaller workpieces up to 180 mm diameter, the compact KASTOmicut P 1.8 is the preferred choice, which is capable of mitring between 0 and +45 degrees. Downfeed rate is determined by manually guiding the saw frame and the blade is driven by a 1.5 kW three-phase motor, ensuring high quality cutting. Shortest cut length is 6 mm.

As a large percentage of the parts used in the different bandsaw models is identical, KASTO is able to offer them at attractive prices.

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