Rise of the Drones – the Plantworx COMIT Drone Zone Cleared for Take Off

The use of Drones in construction has grown dramatically in recent years and there is an aerial revolution happening across the entire industry. These flying cameras or UAV’s (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) are transforming the way we work – from small-scale construction sites to mammoth infrastructure projects – a bird’s eye view from a drone, which […]

Advantage Insurance (AHCI) celebrates a strong start to 2019 with a recruitment drive and a focus on expansion

Advantage Insurance (AHCI), is a leading structural defects warranty specialist with offices in Tamworth. As the number of homes being built in Birmingham continues to massively outstrip the national average and the city enjoys the highest level of construction in a decade, Advantage Insurance has been expanding their team to keep up with demand.

SenSat, Europe’s leading simulated reality company, launches SenCAD: a new revolutionary CAD product on its platform Mapp

 SenSat, a Shoreditch-based leading European AI company that is building simulated realities to teach computers to understand the physical real-world, today launches its latest product, SenCAD. This new product is revolutionising topographical land surveying by bringing unparalleled speed, accuracy, cost-efficiency, and safety to the process of producing topographical CAD survey data, all at unprecedented scale.