21st Century Construction, 19th Century Heating?

With more and more developers and constructors looking to go modular (or offsite construction), more and more are re-evaluating all aspects of the specification and ways to reduce build time.

Space; one of the most valuable commodities in any property, is also becoming more and more important, and technologies that maximise living room whilst staying within budget constraints are highly prized.

ThermaSkirt – literally a heated skirting profile- does exactly what most innovative and forward-thinking developers are looking for. By combining the heating and skirting board in one pre-finished package it saves time on site and improves the aesthetics of the finished property.

It frees up valuable floor and wall space by eliminating conventional radiators, but unlike Underfloor heating, is quick and easy to install and is ‘above ground’ for peace of mind.

Available in a ‘wet’ central heating and direct electric versions, ThermaSkirt is an aluminium profile radiant heating system, available in several styles and colours, including white, cream, black and even anthracite grey to match windows and doors.

Working with a conventional boiler, or renewables such as heat pumps, ThermaSkirt provides all the benefits of underfloor heating (except warming ta tiled floor) but without any of the drawbacks such as limiting access to rooms, temporary heating to assist curing, restricting choice of floor coverings and slow response times – and the almost inevitable under and over-heating.

For refurbishment projects, as ThermaSkirt uses conventional pipework like a radiator, retrofitting is considerably simplified. Available in up to 6m (or cut to size to order) most walls are ThermaSkirted in a single section.

Manufactured in the UK to ISO 9001 and with up to a 10 year warranty, ThermaSkirt has been tested to all relevant UK and European standards. More than 40,000 systems have been installed over 10 years.