Revolutionising UK Waste Solutions – Key Appointment Adds Momentum adi Waste Systems

When we think ‘waste’ and ‘underground’ in this country, it often conjures up the negatives around landfill. But a Birmingham-based multidisciplinary engineering firm is set on burying our existing perceptions about subterranean refuse in 2019.

Welcoming new Business Development Director Mark Burgess, a senior executive with over 20 years’ waste management industry knowhow, to its adi Waste Systems division, adi Group signalled its intent to revolutionise waste storage and collection in the UK and Ireland to usher in a series of environmental benefits.

In exclusive partnership with Sotkon Underground Solutions, adi Waste Systems aims to establish itself on the cutting edge of waste management with the design, supply and maintenance of high capacity underground and semi underground waste solutions.

Mark Burgess sees great potential for these ground-breaking solutions superseding many of our traditional domestic and street bin systems.

“Underground waste solutions provide customers with sustainable and environmentally friendly systems which reduce CO2 impact, improve hygiene and increase recycling rates. It’s true too that the use of underground storage systems is proven to deliver significant financial efficiency gains of up to 30% when compared with traditional waste collection, so organisations looking to make cost savings have everything to gain. Developers and architects engaged in the design of both new and urban regeneration projects enjoy a financial benefit whilst providing a sustainable, environmentally and aesthetically friendly solution enabling local authorities to manage waste into the future in our communities.

We’ve been slow to evolve our existing systems in this country but adi Waste Systems seeks to change that and to become the go-to source of the type of underground waste units that have already benefited a number of major European cities and over 40 countries worldwide.

We are working to establish strong relationships with leading developers, local authorities, architects and the likes of Cambridge University, which as a pioneer on so many fronts is already moving away from traditional waste methodologies at the North West Cambridge Development.”

The underground solutions offered by adi Waste Systems and Sotkon can help resolve many of the well-documented waste disposal issues faced by the UK. Smart telematic systems sense fullness levels and send alerts and data that assist with collection planning to drive efficiencies and reduce emissions.

Sealed subterranean units, emptied by crane, are ecologically sound and have been shown, even during last summer’s UK heatwave, to minimise the bad odours associated with traditional bin systems. And, given they are often more aesthetically pleasing thanks to their innovative design, they can play a real role in urban regeneration efforts.

What’s more, in future they can also help rid us of one of our more onerous regular chores – the weekly need to drag heavy wheelie bins to awkward collection points on bin day.

Mark brings a wealth of experience to adi Group, having spent a number of years with leading waste management company, Otto Waste Systems, which supplied vehicles, bin lifts, bins and waste management systems throughout Europe.

Having began his career with Michelin, he moved on to senior level roles in general management, sales and business development in the automotive, transport, finance and asset management sectors, before applying his talents to the waste management industry.

James Sopwith, Group Strategic Account Director of adi Group, said of Mark Burgess’ appointment, “This is a great addition to our team and demonstrates our commitment to innovation, problem-solving and progress at a pivotal moment for the waste sector. Mark’s knowledge of that sector is second to none, so we welcome him to adi and look forward to seeing the change he can help lead.”

For more information on the benefits adi Waste Systems’ underground solutions can deliver to your development, estate or complex, email [email protected] or call 0121 451 2255.