CK Direct ReCirc™ is meeting industry demand for less retrofitted equipment in commercial kitchens @ck_direct

The demand for recirculation units is a growing trend, as more unusual and restricted spaces are being optimised by catering business owners. Recirculating will allow such kitchen professionals to take advantage of existing spaces without the high cost and practical implications that would apply to retrofitting permanent equipment like exhaust hood fans and ductwork, which filter airborne grease and smoke out into the atmosphere.

CK Direct’s series of Recirc™ units are self-contained kitchen ventilation systems with environmental design considerations that also eliminate major risks to the kitchen, such as ductwork fire hazards.

Multiple stages of inventive filtration within the units remove grease, particulate, smoke and odour before re-introducing clean air to the kitchen – Therefore the units need no direct duct connection to the atmosphere.

Design flexibility for space-specific installation

Each Recirc™ unit’s advanced technology and air purification system will make them appropriate for any commercial kitchen application and they’re compact enough for tight openings and kitchens that have been fitted in the most unusual spaces.

It isn’t uncommon for kitchens to pop up in such spaces, especially with the growth of independent restaurants opening in spaces not originally intended for catering use. The real problem is in navigating these awkward areas and that’s where it becomes a job for experts.

Freestanding appliances like CK Direct’s Recirc™ units make for a much-improved use of tricky space. Having the capacity for placement flexibility and removing the need for direct duct connection to the atmosphere is a welcome relief for many restaurant professionals. Without the option for recirculation in standalone units like Recirc™, restaurant owners could be stuck with an unusable, unsafe or unprofitable space that incurs unforeseen costs.

Understanding the safety aspects before undergoing the installation of costly retrofitted equipment is also vital and CK Direct considered this in the early design phase for its Recirc™ units.

All commercial kitchen spaces, regardless of their restrictions will require that stringent health and safety regulations are adhered to. Fire safe and environmental standards will have to be met for any commercial kitchen and its owner. Those who find their establishments restricted by space can have confidence that these stringent standards can still be satisfied with CK Direct Recirc™.

With 4 stages of filtration and the added value of fitted Frank Cascade™ high efficiency grease filters to the extract hood, CK Direct Recirc™ will ensure that a clean, fire safe and environmentally-friendly appliance is installed and that it ticks all of the health and safety standard boxes.

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Specifying the right ReCirc™ unit for your establishment

In order to offer a greater choice of electrical cooking equipment, CK Direct ReCirc™ units are available in 8 standard sizes but units are also available within bespoke size requirements, including Island Canopies. The importance of having the capacity and capability for bespoke manufactured units for size-specific requirements is crucial in being able to offer that flexibility the modern kitchen often needs.

All units are fitted with single-phase fan motors for a canopy system sized up to 3000mm and anything above that will be fitted with 3-phase fan motors. The stages of filtration differentiate the 3 ReCirc™ model variations.

Hot, humid and grease-laden air is created whilst cooking and ReCirc™ extracts this air and recirculates it as clean air back into the kitchen. A backward curved centrifugal fan is mounted on a slide-out fan plate at the top of the unit, which draws contaminated grease-laden air from cooking appliances through four stages of filtration.

The four stages of filtration for the standard CK Direct Recirc™ and Recirc™ ECO units start with a high-efficiency baffle-type grease filter unit mounted in front of the second set of filters. It then goes through a G4 pleated panel filter, HEPA filter and finally a Carbon Filter, effectively removing grease, particulate, smoke and odour in a safe manner.

CK Direct Recirc™ ESP uses a slightly different method, introducing the ESP stage after the baffle-type pre-filter. ESP or Electrostatic Precipitator is a process by which dust and other particles are removed by applying a high-voltage electrostatic charge and collecting the particles on charged plates.

Get the professionals in and revolutionise your kitchen

CK Direct not only design and manufacture commercial kitchen equipment but they also consult on best-use of kitchen spaces, specify the equipment that will get your kitchen running efficiently and safely, whilst also saving you money with its innovations, such as the newly launched Recirc™ series.

Contact CK Direct commercial kitchen experts to discuss your specific requirements, whether it be for recirculation, ventilation and extraction systems, fabricated stainless steel equipment or the most advanced odour control solutions available to the UK market.

CK Direct are your trusted supplier, applying exceptional standards to the build of exceptional kitchens. CK Direct design, manufacture, install and maintain so that your kitchen is efficient from day 1 and never stops running to the highest standards.

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