The Best Type of Flooring for Home Offices @StoriesFlooring

When the coronavirus pandemic forced the UK into lockdown, millions of employees were forced to work from home. Now, as the pandemic eases, many businesses are considering allowing their employees to work remotely full time.

To work effectively at home, having a dedicated office space is essential. Those looking to create the perfect office environment need to pay attention to its design, as well as comfort. The type of flooring you choose plays an important role in the overall ambience of the office. So, which types of flooring are best for home offices?

The key factors to focus on when choosing home office flooring, are comfort, style, durability, and noise. The floor should be comfortable, enhance the visual appeal of the space, and be able to withstand caster chair use.

Carpets are a popular choice for those looking to add comfort and warmth to the space. It is the quietest option, perfect for upstairs offices. Carpet tiles are easier to handle and install, and they typically provide a longer-lasting design than carpet rolls.

Another durable option is vinyl. Customers have a great choice of luxury vinyl floors, each boasting a stylish, durable design. Vinyl floors are comfortable, easy to maintain, and they tend to have a long lifespan. These floors are also highly resistant against dents and scratches. They can also withstand a lot of foot traffic, making them ideal for busy home offices.

Those looking to create a formal, impressive home office space should consider hardwood flooring. While expensive, this type of flooring provides outstanding aesthetics. It is tough too, though it will require a lot more maintenance than other flooring types. For a cheaper alternative, consider laminate flooring. Many laminate floors come with a hardwood design, yet they also offer increased practicality.

When selecting the best type of flooring for the home office, it is important to consider how the room will be used. Will there be a lot of foot traffic and do you want to install it with underfloor heating? These are just a couple of questions you should ask before choosing the right office flooring for the home.

Stories Flooring supplies a wide range of home office flooring at up to 65% off RRP. Customers can also request free samples to help them decide which floor best suits their chosen space.

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