Osmo Profile Piece @osmo_uk

Osmo Profile Piece @osmo_uk

Steve Grimwood, Managing Director of Osmo UK, provides an insight into Osmo UK and the high-quality wood finishes that it offers for both internal and external applications.

Founded in 1990, Osmo UK today exclusively handles the sales, service, support and distribution of Osmo’s premium quality wood finishes and flooring solutions to the UK market.  Osmo products combine performance and natural, environmentally friendly ingredients. The company operates a policy of only supplying products that are eco-friendly during production and in application.

Wooden is a beautiful feature of the home, but it is important to understand that as an organic matter, it will continue to need nourishment to ensure it stays in the best possible condition, both aesthetically and structurally. My best advice to contractors, builders and developers is to make use of a high-quality finish, full of natural ingredients to complement the woods properties. This will ensure that the wood continues to breathe and respond well to environmental conditions, removing any possibility of cracking or and blistering.


Ultimate Protection

  • Suitable for solid, engineered or laminate floors and furniture

Polyx-Oil is a premium wood finish guaranteed to keep wooden surfaces in top condition. Offering all the professional features of a traditional oil-based finish, Polyx®-Oil combines the smooth surface of conventional lacquers, and the ease of application of a water-based finish, while managing to eliminate the inherent disadvantages of these other types of finish. Available in a glossy, satin, semi-matt and matt finishes, the Polyx-Oil range offers the highest coverage of any oil on the market – a 2.5 litre can cover approximately 30m² with two coats.

The range also features Polyx-Oil Tints, Polyx-Oil Raw, Polyx-Oil Rapid, Polyx-Oil Anti-Slip and Polyx-Oil 2K.

Pristine Worktops

  • Suitable for wooden worktops and general internal joinery

TopOil is a water-repellent and resistant finish makes it an ideal choice for the kitchen and bathrooms where water damage and spillages are inevitable. It accentuates the wood’s natural beauty and leaves a flawless water-repellent and resistant finish. It is almost odourless, contains no biocides or preservatives and will not crack, flake, peel or blister. Available in seven different shades, the finish achieved with TopOil ensures the worktop is impervious to a wide range of liquids, such as wine, beer and cola. TopOil is food safe (EN 1186) and suitable for use on children’s toys (EN 71.3).

Door Protection

  • Suitable for internal doors and joinery

Designed specifically to protect and preserve internal veneer doors, Door-Oil is easy to use and provides a high-quality, tough and durable finish. Door-Oil is the perfect solution for any modern home, as it will provide utmost protection against common household spillages and stains. After application, the wood’s true beauty is enhanced, with the wood’s grain and natural characteristics providing a warm and rich effect to ensure that any interior room looks luxurious and elegant.

Correcting Damage

  • Suitable for all internal wood surfaces

Woodfiller is a multi-purpose, easy to use, fast drying solution which is used to remove scratches and dents in the wood. It also acts as an edge filler, wood putty, crack filler and sanding sealer, eliminating the need for several different products. Available in 14 different colours and designed to be used across a wide range of wood surfaces, there is no reason for inconsistency of colour on the surface. Woodfiller can even be mixed within the range to achieve a custom colour.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Suitable for wooden flooring, furniture, doors, walls and ceiling panelling.

This is a highly effective process for ensuring the floor stays in a good condition and is a quick and easy method that is great for spills which need to be attended to immediately.  All that is needed for this approach is a cleaning and maintenance concentrate, which is water-soluble such as Osmo Wash and Care. This will not only clean, but also freshen the surface at the same time. It is particularly effective in the removal of minor spillages such as fruit juices, milk, cola, beer, wine, coffee and other day to day marks and stains.


Safer Decking

  • Suitable for Decking

It is important to consider the safety element when wooden decking has been installed in the garden. Anti-Slip Decking Oil will provide a safe outside environment all year round by increasing the durability of the surface, protecting it against mould, algae and fungal attack, and reducing the risk of slipping. The decking oil will penetrate deeply into the wood pores and fibres, providing a long-lasting level of protection from within the wood.

Sun Protection for Wood

  • Suitable for cladding, summer houses, fences, windows, doors and furniture

UV-Protection-Oil is essential for exterior wood as it provides 12 times the UV protection in comparison to untreated wood. Designed to protect, maintain and restore all types of wood from the effects of the environment, it not only protects the wood surface, but also enhances the natural look of the wood and will prevent damage. It is moisture regulating and reduces swelling and shrinking of the wood. This product overcomes the need for a heavy stain or a flaking varnish to keep them looking natural.

It’s Only Natural

  • Suitable for cladding, summer houses, fences, doors, windows, carports and decking

Natural Oil Woodstain provides a decorative and protective finish for all exterior wood. It offers a high-quality finish which allows the wood to breathe and reduces the risk of swelling and shrinkage.  Acting as a protection against all weather conditions, it prevents mould, algae and fungal decay as well ensuring the wood doesn’t crack, flake, peel or blister.

Osmo also offer an ‘effect’ range to provide attractive silver-metallic tones. Meeting modern architectural demands, these finishes are designed to give the natural greying effect, added silver metallic pigments.

Pop of Colour

  • Suitable for cladding, balconies, windows, fences, pergolas, garden furniture and summer houses

Available in 19 shades, Country Colour promises premium durability and a rich colour, hiding the natural colour and grain of the wood yet maintaining the wood’s natural texture. The solution not only rejuvenates the wood, but leaves it protected against the unpredictable British weather. It can be applied to a range of wood species, including oily and exotic materials. Requiring only two coats, it can be applied using a roller or brush and has an approximate drying time of 8 – 10 hours.

Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Suitable for all external wood

Wood Reviver Power Gel will refresh and clean greyed wooden surfaces. Restoring the natural texture and appearance of the wood, it is an ideal product for garden furniture, decking and cladding. A wood reviver will remove the loose greying layer, dirt and stains. Free from odour and biodegradable, the product compliments the woods natural properties.

For more information on Osmo and its range of environmentally friendly wooden products and specialist finishes, call Osmo UK direct on 01296 481220 or alternatively visit www.osmouk.com

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