Waterloo Air Products CIBSE CPD Webinars @WaterlooHVAC

Waterloo Air Products CIBSE CPD Webinars @WaterlooHVAC

Waterloo’s CIBSE approved CPD’s are now available to all as live Webinars

The CPD on General Air Distribution covers the basic principles of air distribution when using mixed flow, displacement and VAV systems.

Topics covered include:

  • General terms and definitions used in air distribution
  • Typical air movement effects
  • Cooling systems
  • The effect of heat gains
  • Alternate systems and selection guidance

The CPD on an Introduction to VAV Systems covers the basics of Variable Air Volume Systems including variable heat loads and typical air volume variations. The whole system is discussed from equipment components to controls and factory calibration; as well as how to select and install.

The training is suitable for consultants, contractors, engineers, architects or trainees, and there will be opportunities to ask questions to the technical presenters.

To register for live webinars, view recordings of previous ones, or to request a tailored training session for your organisation – please go to: www.waterloo.co.uk/cpd-and-training

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