Updated Part F CPD from Titon Now Available

Updated Part F CPD from Titon Now Available

Following the update to the Building Regulations 2010 (Part F1 Dwellings 2022), Titon has revised its popular ‘Part F 2010 Domestic Buildings Compliance’ CPD presentation to help gain a deeper understanding of the new requirements.

With the updated edition of Part F released in December 2021 for implementation in June 2022, there have been many important changes which are clearly demonstrated within the updated CPD.

Titon’s aim is to provide an explanation of the requirements of the Part F 2022 update regarding ventilation, and the three systems examples that are used, and to emphasise the need to ensure that the installed performance meets the designer’s expectations in order to achieve full compliance.

Ventilation is a legal requirement clearly set out at the beginning of Part F which the Titon CPD guidance is aimed at achieving, if followed in full. By the end of the CPD, you will have clearer knowledge of Part F, PCDB and a look at good practice for installation and a check list of ventilation systems.

To book the new CPD, please get in touch: https://www.titon.com/uk/contact

For more information on this CPD and to view our other CPD presentations, please visit the CPD UK website: https://cpduk.co.uk/courses/titon-part-f-2022-domestic-buildings-compliance

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